FreePBX Trunks not re-connecting after Internet outage

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I have been dealing with this problem for about a year, it was a nuisance, but out internet is pretty stable so it was not too much of an issue.


Internet drops

  • Power outage and not all equipment remains powered on while the generator starts (Old UPS’s)
  • I need to restart the firewall
  • Out service provider goes down etc

FreePBX Trunks will not come back online. They show as connected when you look them up, they have a status of OK. The problem is, you cannot receive or make calls even though they say they’re OK.

After a bit of Googling, I found out it is to do with PFSense IP Change kill States status. The solution is actually very easy and quick and will save you having to reboot the FreePBX box every time your internet goes down.

“When your IP changes multiple times in a very short period, as it did there, it’ll miss killing states for some of the old IPs because it’s changing so quickly. You’ll need to enable the ip_change_kill_states option so all states get wiped on IP change where your IP changes that quickly.”

Go to Diagnostics > Command Prompt, and in the PHP execute box, paste in and click Execute. That’s it. You’re done and the problem should be too.

$config['system']['ip_change_kill_states'] = true;



PFSense Version: 2.4.4-RELEASE

FreePBX Version: