Asterisk Error Log: No registered subscribe handler for event as-feature-event

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So I recently tried out 3CX on one of my servers to compare with my existing FreePBX deployment. I happy configured and updated 3CX as well as the firmware on my Yealink phones. I used 3CX for about 2 weeks. It worked quite well and I liked some of its features, but there were a few things I just couldn’t get 100% right and then, there is the fact that you have to pay for it if you use more than 4 simultaneous calls.

So I decided to go back to Asterisk, using the official FreePBX distro. I decided to do a fresh install and reconfiguration from scratch. (Sucker for punishment clearly…..). I got everything setup and configured again, but my Asterisk logs are littered with this error message every second now!

res_pjsip_pubsub.c:685 subscription_get_handler_from_rdata: No registered subscribe handler for event as-feature-event

After much googling, I eventually found that the problem was caused by a Yealink feature that was enabled by the 3CX endpoint deployment called “as-feature-event” that synchronizes the local phone’s status with the server. At this point in time, I don’t think Asterisk supports this natively, I assume it can be configured, but I don’t require it.

So the solution to this problem, ended up being quite simple.

  1. Login to the Yealink Phone
  2. Select “Features”
  3. “General Information” from the Left menu
  4. Set “Feature Key Synchronization” to Disabled.

That’s it. Rinse and repeat for all your Yealink phones on the network and the error should disappear from you Asterisk Logs.

Equipment and Software Version.

Phones: Yealink T22P, fw:

Asterisk: 13.9.1