Windows 10 Creator Update broke my Bluetooth mouse!

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So just a quick post to help anyone who may have run into the same problem with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

I use a 15″ Macbook Pro Touchpad 2016 (running windows 10, yes I know, I know) and I have a Logitech M555b Bluetooth mouse. When I updated to the latest major windows update my mouse started acting erratically. The main problem being I had to connect, disconnect and reconnect the mouse constantly and it still wouldn’t remain connected. The update in question is the Windows 10 Creators Update which is now in the wild and being installed on all systems through the standard windows update channels.

I googled a whole lot without much luck, only to find it was actually a really basic fix.

  1. Open Device Manager (In Control Panel)
  2. Expand the Bluetooth menu
  3. Right click Bluetooth Radio, select properties.
  4. Go to the end tab, “Power Management”
  5. Untick “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

That’s it, your Bluetooth mouse should now work without any problems.