Un-boxing my DJI Mavic Pro – Excitement!

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Initial Reaction

I’ll start off by saying, that since I opened up this little beauty I have had mixed reactions. First it’s amazement, then it’s wow, the footage is amazing. Then, how much did it cost? Followed by Sjoe! and a surprised look, “you fool”. A drone is not for everyone, they’re a mix between boyhood wonder and self justification of why you spent so much on it.

I picked mine up on Friday, perfect! A whole weekend to get my head around the awesome, and the flying.

Importing it into South Africa

Let me start by explaining how I imported this drone into South Africa. I could have bought it from one of the local online stores, but I got a great deal and it ended up costing me about 30% less. There are plenty of repair centres in South Africa, a quick Google and you’ll find a number of certified company’s, so I wasn’t worried about importing this product myself.

I use a great service offered by Aramex called Aramex Global Shopper. I was lucky, a few years back I picked up a free account at an eCommerce conference in Johannesburg. An account now will set you back $45 and gives you about 20 addresses around the globe where you can ship your products and they’ll deliver them to your door in South Africa. You will pay the necessary shipping, duties and VAT on anything you import, but if you can’t get it locally or find a great deal online this’ll really help. The addresses are in major cities around the world such as New York, London, Dubai and Milan to name a few.

DJI Mavic Pro Flymore Bundle

Initial impressions: It’s so small! Did they send me the right package? Oh god I hope everything is here!

I am truly amazed at the size of the drone. A friend of mine has the Phantom 4, it’s pretty big. It doesn’t fold up and the remote is about the same size as my whole drone. He has to carry around a large metal briefcase to house his drone and controller.

About the DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic pro is an amazing piece of technology, its footage is stunning and its SO EASY to fly. I did try the auto home function a little close to the house which ended badly. But once I played with a few more settings (read the DJI forums) I managed to get it to auto-home with a lot more accuracy!

When I say the Mavic is easy to fly, I really mean it. My nephew of 11 was drooling at the mouth when he saw the drone, so being the cool uncle I am, I let him have a go. In a HUGE field and in beginner mode of course. But within 5 mins he was already asking to go further and higher which I let him do.

What came with the drone?


  • 1 x DJI Mavic Pro Drone
  • 1 x Drone Battery
  • 1 x Controller. (Small controller that a phone can plug in to – You can use an iOS or Android device)
  • 2 x Spare propellers
  • Wall charger for the drone battery (Has 2 USB ports for your controller and phone)


  • 2 x Extra Batteries
  • 4 x Spare propellers
  • 1 x Battery hub (Charge up to 4 batteries)
  • 1 x Car charger – You can charge the battery directly or through the battery hub.
  • 1 x Battery to USB charger (Charge your phone or controller from the drone battery)
  • DJI Mavic Pro carry bag

Some footage I took with the drone on Day 1. (It is at 3x speed).



Drone’s are expensive, they’re not really toys, but hell they’re a lot of fun! I feel that within a couple of years we’ll definitely see them starting to deliver packages and other jobs reducing wait times for various items. The applications are endless and technology is always improving. Much like the smartphone revolutionised online content with services like Instagram and Facebook, we’re going to see more integrated services with Drones. (I have already done a live broadcast on Facebook)

I love my DJI Mavic Pro, I’m still learning and there will be plenty more posts on this subject! If you’re undecided on this drone, DO IT, you wont regret it.

Specifically the flymore bundle, as 1 battery isn’t enough and you don’t want to wait every time you want to fly because of the batteries. Three batteries is ideal  in my opinion as well as the charging hub which priorities the battery charging. It first charges the fullest battery to get you flying the quickest and then charges the rest in order.